Hello, Grayson! | San Diego Fresh 48 Photographer

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” —Hubert H. Humphrey

Meet Grayson.

I have done quite a few fresh 48s, but it’s not very often I get to be there so soon after birth. This little dude was born just 4 hours before I arrived and I was shocked to see how incredible his mama looked. It just isn’t fair, haha! I got super excited when I remembered I was going to be documenting the siblings meeting for the first time. Thinking about that moment inspired me to select the quote above. I love the idea of siblings being friends throughout life. They will always have each other as they journey through this life, and that truly is a beautiful gift. And give that this family is a military family, sticking together and forming a strong bond is more important than ever.

I had a hard time narrowing down which images to use so I had to break this post up into chunks. I think that is great problem to have! This family was so sweet and their connection to each other exudes in every photo. The first part is all about Grayson and his proud parents, the second part is the big meeting and gift exchange, and the final section focuses on all of them together getting better acquainted. Have a look!


After getting a few shots with the three, we heard grandma and big sister Evie were right around the corner anxious to come in. I knew I wanted to capture the excitement of the first meeting so I positioned myself so that I could capture the entire scene. So many sweet little sentiments were spoken by miss Evie. She has a heart the size of California and had us all in tears. One of my favorites was, “hi baby Grayson. It’s your birthday. Happy birthday baby brother!” ::insert ugly cry face:: She was not prepped to say such a thing, but rather naturally very thoughtful and caring. What a bright and beautiful light in the world!


After the emotional first meeting, it was time to get better acquainted and do a little gift exchange. I absolutely love the thought of an older sibling picking our, wrapping, and giving their new baby brother or sister a birthday gift. Evie was very particular from what I heard and wanted her baby brother to have a giraffe. It also took her quite a while to pick out the balloons and gift wrap as well. So sweet!


As you can see, we have a very happy family of four. Sweet Grayson, you are in good hands. You have a sister that is very passionate about protecting, loving, and nurturing you. Many THANKS to the E Family who entrusted me with one of the greatest moments in life.

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Your Friend, Chrissy.