Brothers and Best Friends | Vista Family Photographer

“Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older” —Peter Pan

Meet the cutest brothers you will ever see! I have been photographing these guys for a few years now and always have the best time. I think children are my favorite subjects because they are always their true selves when you sit back and allow them. I can’t tell you how hard it is to document a family when mom or dad try to dictate everything. Please don’t take that as judgement (every family has different expectations) but my hope as a photographer is to capture everyone as they really are. Real smiles. Real laughs. Real emotions. If children are afraid to run and play, the session (in my own opinion) won’t be as fun or candid.

I met these guys at the duck pond in Vista (North County San Diego). The first thing they wanted to do was feed the birds. They acquired some bread from visitors that were leaving so that made visiting that much more exciting. After feeding the ducks, we threw some leaves at each other and went exploring!


As you can see, boys will be boys. I love these little dudes. Right out the gate having the time of their lives! We walked down a beautiful trail and found some boulders to climb. They reminded me of the movie Peter Pan on top of the rocks, almost as if they were on a giant pirate ship!


If you are interested in documenting your children’s childhood in a unique and special way, contact me today and we can start planning a fun shoot! Who wouldn’t want to remember their littles exactly as they are right now?

Thanks for reading along! Until next time!