Maternity session by the Lake | San Diego Maternity Photographer

“Gentleness | Humble, calm, yet strong demeanor”

Meet Jasmine and Nick.

This couple…talk about dream clients! They are so sweet, kind-hearted, and have a heart for service. Jasmin is a nurse and Nick serves in the military. I know already they are going to be excellent parents because they already know the value of teamwork and putting others first.

I got super excited about planning this session when I saw her outfits. I knew they would work so well at Lake Hodges in Escondido, CA. There was also an interest in the water so we made sure to make time for that during the session. I have broken this post up between outfits and locations. The first group of images is of the long, blush dress that looks so ethereal in the long, dry grass. The oaks and mountain as the backdrop make if feel as though we were up in the mountains far away. I knew we had one other location at the lake to shoot at so I tried not to get carried away, haha.


Eventually, it was time to change up the location. We made our way to another spot where we could access the water. I love shooting in places that give so much variety! We started in the same dress and I made them stand in the reeds, haha. They were such good sports about it though and it paid off after a few good laughs.


The outfit change! I love a stylish client. Admittedly, I lack skills in that department. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Anyway, Jasmin nailed it on the outfits and I am loving the color of her shorter, maroon dress against the water and sky! They did such a great job coordinating as well!


San Diego County has so many great locations to shoot in. I really try my hardest to utilize every aspect of where we are. I hope this post shows putting effort into outfits and selecting the right locations for what you are looking for really matters in the end. Whether it be in your home, by a lake, or at the beach, we can make a great session!