Two Under Two - Welcome Baby Girl | San Diego Newborn Photographer

I know I just posted a newborn session but here’s another one!

Have you ever wondered what life was like with two under two?? I got a front row seat to the crazy awesomeness of this family’s life with their two babes. Lots of play, bouncing, testing limits, hugs, kisses, and everything in-between. I so wish this family still lived in San Diego because they really are that awesome!

My take-away from this session was to never take for granted the beautiful life I have. This family sure doesn’t. They are a military family that had to relocate to another state. That’s hard enough on it’s own on top of raising babies. In spite of what I imagine to be a stressful time, I could really feel the love between all of them and I can’t wait to watch the kids grow up - thanks Instagram!