Our Favorite Summer Activities | San Diego Family Photographer

Hi all,

It's starting to feel like summer around here already, so I wanted to share some summery images with you! 

Before that, I want you to meet our new furry family member! Her name is Baby and we are totally in love with her! I couldn't help but notice how warm the backyard felt with that golden light shining in. I am looking forward to many more summer evenings!


Recently, a friend of mine invited us to the Oceanside Harbor and we both brought our cameras. It was a cool evening, but still fun and low-tide (which is a plus!). I love sharing images from our trips because we spend so much time playing in the sand and waves. The beach was a huge part of my childhood and I know my girls will appreciate it, too, one day.


If we aren't on any of San Diego's beaches, we are in our backyard in the pool. I use the term "pool" loosely because it's just a kiddie pool, haha. I was practicing a techniques called "freelensing". Freelensing is when you shoot with the lens detached from the front of the camera. It creates blur and selective focus, often leaving you with a dreamy or ethereal image. It is hard on the wrists, so I have to take a break (our buy a lighter lens!). Let me know what you think!


Whether we are hanging in the backyard or at the beach, we always try to make the most of our summer days. I hope to be sharing here more regularly, and maybe you might think I need to document a summer day for your family too!

Images: Chrissy Walther, San Diego Family Photographer