Hello, I’m Chrissy.

I am a proud wife, and mother of two little girls. I’m an Aries and a type 6 on the Enneagram test. My family would agree that I’m insanely loyal and love hard. They’d also say that I am tough on the outside and a big softie on the inside. I’m sentimental, sensitive, and secure. I’m curious. Other human beings intrigue me and I love to hear their stories.

But, just like all mothers, I battle with the bittersweet reality that my babies are growing up too fast. I realized that photographing my family is not only something I am incredibly passionate about, but it is my way of preserving our family history. My heart, soul, and loves of my life are preserved forever in photographs that I can revisit anytime and as many times I wish to. These photographs are our family heirlooms. They are priceless.

I believe the skill of photography is a gift meant to be shared, so I am elated that you are here.

In my images, you will often see the amazing grace of motherhood, connection between parent and child, and beautiful light illuminating an equally beautiful setting. I have often heard clients say they thought they wanted the perfectly posed shots yet, when they received their galleries, they loved the candid shots more. I love a great portrait, don't get me wrong. I just feel that the in-between moments within your family are far more important. I am documenting you and your family as you are right now. Childhood passes in a blink of an eye so all of life's moments, big and small, deserve to be remembered forever. My hope is to preserve those fleeting moments for you, too.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

—Destin Sparks

Images by: Mickelle McCrory Photography

Images by: Mickelle McCrory Photography