My name is Chrissy. I'm a believer, wife, and mother. I'm also a San Diego Family Photographer and love it! Just like all mothers, I battle with the bittersweet reality that my babies are growing up too fast. I quickly realized that documenting all my children's milestones eased my sad mama heart. The images I have to reflect on are my most precious possessions. My heart, soul, and loves of my life are preserved in those images forever. When I'm 90, I will be able recount all of those moments that passed by so quickly. That is why I believe the skill of photography is a gift meant to be shared, so I am elated that you are here.


Landing on my site means you're at least semi-interested in having your beautiful self in front of my camera. I hope there is nothing holding you back. Don't let how you might perceive yourself, the struggle to find matching outfits, or your fear of not knowing how to act or pose get in the way. I am not THAT photographer. I am a mother, too, and can promise you that perfection is a sham. Beauty is found in the uniqueness of your connection with your children. The way they look at and embrace you. The way their hand fits perfectly in yours. These are the photographs I live for.

As a photographer, there are two ways I would describe my work: authentic connection and beautiful light. In my images, you will often see the amazing grace of motherhood, connection between parent and child, and beautiful light illuminating an equally beautiful setting. I have often heard clients say they thought they wanted the perfectly posed shots yet when they received their galleries, they loved the candid shots more. I love a great portrait, don't get me wrong, I just feel your session is far more important to stop there. I am documenting you and your family right now. Childhood lasts only a short while and all of life's moments, big and small, deserve to be remembered forever. My hope is to preserve those fleeting moments for you, too.

Your Friend, Chrissy.